💡How to Generate Challans

Here is the Step by Step guide on how to generate Challans

  1. In Liability Summary Tab, user can see all his GSTINs, their total and pending liabilities and take actions to generate challan for single or multiple GSTINs simlutaneously.

  2. Pending Liability values are taken directly from the GST portal database for all the GSTINs and shown in Green color values.

  3. User can also choose to import their own pending liabilities values using the Bulk Import Feature. Upload the CSV file in the same format as sample file. Click on Import Csv button

  4. Imported values are shown in the UI against the GSTIN number in Blue color values.

  5. Users can choose two methods to Generate challans - From Data pulled from gst portal, Or from Imported values.

  6. Click on Submit and Challans will be generated.

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