Access Tokens

This page shows how to get the authentication credentials using the access token and refresh token policies.

Masters India supports access-token-based authentication. After a user login request, our API generates an access_token and a refresh token to a user after validating his credentials.

Access Token

The Access token key can be used in subsequent requests but expires after 24 hours which must be requested again by re-initiating a login or calling the token-refresh API.

The Access token once generated is valid for 24 hours and the refresh token is valid for many days. This token needs to be passed in the subsequent requests to avoid permission issues.

The key needs to be passed as a request parameter. To generate the Authorization token by clicking on the Send button. Once the Token Is generated. We need to the token in Authorization header with the prefix JWT so the token will be passed as JWT <token>

Get Access token API

Request Method


Request Path


Request Body

Response Body

200 (OK)

206 (Invalid Credentials)

400 (Invalid Params)

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