Update Part-B

Update part B API

Request Method


Request Path


Request Headers



api_key/auth token

Value and header type is mentioned in the Authentication Page

Request Body

The request body description for the API can be found here.

Sample Request

"eway_bill_number": 321009218808,
"vehicle_number": "JJK8977",
"place_of_consignor": "Noida",
"state_of_consignor": "Uttar Pradesh",
"reason_code_for_vehicle_updation": "due to break down",
"reason_for_vehicle_updation": "",
"transporter_document_number": "14456",
"transporter_document_date": "25/06/2023",
"mode_of_transport": 1,

Response Body

200 (OK)

The response description for success can be found here.

Sample Response

  "results": {
    "message": {
      "vehUpdDate": "15/09/2023 02:45:00 PM",
      "validUpto": "24/09/2023 11:59:00 PM",
      "error": false,
      "url": "https://sandb-api.mastersindia.co/api/v1/detailPrintPdf/anVsX3NlcF8yMDIzLTI0-65042126bc6d8306741fdcf8/"
    "status": "Success",
    "code": 200

204 (Invalid Parameters)

  "results": {
    "message": "362: Transporter document date cannot be earlier than the invoice date",
    "status": "No Content",
    "code": 204,
    "nic_code": "362"

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