An invoice OCR is a way of extracting the relevant information from Invoices it using optical character recognition (OCR) techniques. An invoice OCR can help automate the process of capturing and processing invoices.

Masters India OCR software and APIs will be the best suitable for Businesses of all sizes like Startups, and, Small & medium business enterprises to automate their data extraction process from invoices in no time. This OCR software & API save time, and money, and reduce the effort of manual data entry and its errors.

What is the Masters India Invoice OCR solution: This involves using AI & ML services to parse data from invoices using a pre-trained model that can extract schematized entities from various types of invoices. It does not depend upon a template, it can extract data from all types of Invoice templates.

Type of Document Processed

  1. Tax Invoice

  2. E invoice - QR code

  3. Bill of Entry

  4. Delivery order

Masters India Provides 2 environments for customers.



Provides a user interface to extract and validate the extracted data


Masters India also provides an API to extract the data.

Masters India Invoice OCR APIs

Masters India Provides Two APIs for customers


Auth API

This will give you the Access Token then for authentication to work you will need to pass the token in the request headers of Upload API.

Upload API

Where you will Upload the Invoice file as Input to OCR and get the response in JSON of extracted data.

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