GST Search or verification API

Verify the GSTIN details of the supplier, get the different location as a business is operating, get the suspended or cancel or Active status info of a GSTIN



Method Type


Post Parameters (JSON Format)

--header 'Authorization: Bearer ' --header 'client_id: JarZChUcsytSBbnkpt' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --data-raw ' { "gstin": "********CS8821M1ZF" }'

Success Response

    "response": [
            "response": {
                "natureOfBusinessActivity": [
                    "Wholesale Business"
                "centerJurisdiction": "RANGE-II",
                "constitutionOfBusiness": "Proprietorship",
                "dateOfRegistration": "27/01/2018",
                "gstnStatus": "Active",
                "stateJurisdictionCode": "PB003",
                "dateOfCancellation": "",
                "principalPlaceOfBusinessFields": {
                    "natureOfPrincipalPlaceOfBusiness": "Wholesale Business",
                    "principalPlaceOfBusinessAddress": {
                        "buildingName": "",
                        "pincode": "143001",
                        "streetName": "RANI KA BAGH",
                        "districtName": "Amritsar",
                        "stateName": "Punjab",
                        "city": null,
                        "lattitude": "",
                        "locality": "",
                        "landMark": "",
                        "geocodelvl": "NA",
                        "floorNumber": "",
                        "buildingNumber": "135",
                        "location": "AMRITSAR",
                        "longitude": ""
                "additionalPlaceOfBusinessFields": null,
                "lastUpdatedDate": "08/07/2022",
                "tradeName": "DEEP TRADER",
                "taxpayerType": "Regular",
                "gstIdentificationNumber": "03AHHPR8949P1ZE",
                "legalNameOfBusiness": "Ruhi Wasson",
                "stateJurisdiction": "Amritsar 1 - Ward No.3",
                "centerJurisdictionCode": "ZE0502",
                "eInvoiceStatus": "No"
            "responseStatus": "SUCCESS"
    "error": "false",
    "code": "200",
    "message": "Success"

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