Dashboard is one of the most visually informative parts of the ARAP system. It provides a graphical representation of the statistics in various forms to the user and this visually gives a good idea to the user about their spending's and how many orders are there that are remaining, complete or cancelled.

Before proceeding, please note that Dashboard is a buyer specific feature and not available to suppliers.

The dashboard presents the stats of two modules -

Invoice and Purchase Order.

To switch in between these, the user just needs to click on either the Purchase order button or Invoice button on the center top of the dashboard screen as given in the snapshot below.

This multi information module has been mainly formed with following components, please check snapshots below -

The Dashboard gives users immediate statistics of -

  1. How many suppliers are connected with the buyer

  2. Average expenditure of the buyer

  3. How much is the total amount spent by the buyer.

  4. The average invoice aging, how many invoices have been expired over time

  5. Summary of all transactions in a specific period of time

  6. List of top purchased products

  7. Supplier with topmost volume of trade

The user can choose a particular time limit of the transaction summary they want to view which has been divided into sections like - Yesterday , Today , 7 Days , 30 Days , 3 Months , 6 Months , 12 Months or a custom period that user wants according to their choice.

Whenever any of these options is selected, the graph would adjust accordingly.

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