How to Process Files for FTP sync

Here's how you process files to sync to ERP from OCR:

  1. Go to OCR analytics

  2. Upload the file which you want to process and click on Submit

  3. The OCR tool will read the file and automatically the populate the fields on the UI such as - Invoice number, Buyer name, Supplier name, Invoice values, taxable amount etc.

  4. Select the type of your invoice - Tax Invoice(domestic) or Import Invoice (foreign).

  5. Select the type of Purchase - Goods purchase or Service purchase.

  6. Review all the fields populated on the UI.

  7. Click on "Accept" button to accept the file for FTP sync.

  8. You will be able to see the file in OCR analytics listing with Status as "Completed" and ERP sync status as "False"

  9. The syncing will automatically happen according to the scheduled job.

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