Rename or View OCR Template

To view, rename or edit an OCR template follow these steps -

  1. Go to configuration module and find the OCR templates tab.

  1. Open the OCR templates tab and the list of templates will appear -

  1. The user can perform following actions -

  2. The yellow icon is to edit the template name

  3. The blue icon is to view the template.

  4. The red icon is to delete the template.

This list will also show invoice count which implies to the number of invoices that have been processed with that template.

Q. How do I raise a Credit /Debit Note against an invoice ?

Credit / Debit notes can be raised in following possible conditions -

  1. Wrong invoice amount submitted by a party.

  2. Some items are defective and need to be returned and that amount to be adjusted

  3. Some more items are needed with reference to an existing invoice.

  4. If there is some error or discrepancy in the main invoice

And many other conditions.

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