Other features In PO ?

Here is a brief description of the features of PO -

Buyer specific features -

  1. Import a PO using the Create new button.

  2. Download sample PO file.

  3. View Purchase logs.

Supplier specific features -

  1. Create invoice from PO (using 3 dot icon or create new button)

  2. Make changes in line items in the invoice (however it depends on the buyer settings)

Common features -:

  1. View PO

  2. Chat with the other party

  3. Add an attachment / document

  4. Download PO pdf.

  5. Apply filters on parameters of PO while searching for some specific PO.

  6. Search PO using PO name / Business name.

Q. How to use the chat , Add doc and download pdf feature ?

  1. In the PO list, scroll to the right most column and find the 1st button (blue) with a messaging icon. Click on the chat icon.

  2. A side bar will open, at the bottom the user will be able to type their message and it will be visible to the other party.

  3. Also the chat will be visible like a messenger like app to the users.

  4. For adding an attachment to a PO, go to the same rightmost “Action column” and find the yellow button with a clip icon. Click on that button.

  5. Again a sidebar will appear where the user can select the document type and the document from their system.

  6. The added document will be added to the document listing with a “View” icon using which both parties can view the document.

  7. The third and last action button is the “Download PDF” button in cyan colour. The user can download the PDF for the PO using that button.

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