Configure FTP

How do I Configure FTP/SFTP?

Only Buyer can Configure the FTP/SFTP for fetching the data into system.

Configure the FTP/SFTP -

1. Go to the Configuration option from the side bar.

2. There are option of Manage FTP/SFTP Settings, Click on this option.

3. After clicking on above option, it will redirect on FTP/SFTP listing page, if there are any job configured then that will show.

4. Click on “+Add” option for configure new FTP/SFTP job.

5. Fill all the details -

a. FTP Name (mandatory)

b. Host/IP address (mandatory)

c. Sync Type(Outwards/Inwards) (mandatory)

d. FTP Type(FTP/SFTP) (mandatory)

e. FTP Username (mandatory)

f. FTP Password (mandatory)

g. Port Number (mandatory)

h. Connector Email (non mandatory)

6. After adding relevant fields and clicking on Submit button a Job will added/configured and show on Listing page, with information as FTP name, Host/IP address, Sync Type, FTP Type and Action.

7. Under “Action” there are below options/icons will Visible

a. Active/De-active :- User can active/de-active the particular configured job.

b. Edit :- User can Edit and Update details of the particular configured job.

c. Delete :- User can delete any configured job.

d. Schedule Job :- User Can schedule the one or multiple jobs for any configured job.

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