Create OCR Template

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a tool developed for helping the users save their time and automate the process of invoice creation. OCR extracts data from the invoice pdf using which user can create an invoice.

Here is how the OCR works -

  1. Go to the invoice module and hover the mouse over the “Create New Button”.

  1. Click on Invoice from OCR, a sidebar will open. Click on “Choose File”.

  2. A window will open showing the system files of the user, from there select the desired file to be uploaded and click submit.

  1. After submitting the file, OCR screen will appear and the invoice will start to process. Once the processing completes, the data will be extracted in the fields.

  1. Next, once the data has been processed, the user must cross check and verify if the data is correct or not. If not then the user can edit that data, like selecting Buyer / supplier GSTIN, entering the Invoice num , date and due date , etc.

  2. Also , the line items data will also be extracted and the user must check the data before proceeding further.

Suppose the line item data fetched is correct but the columns are mismatching, for EG: taxable value is showing under Item total Amount or suppose GST rate is showing under CGST / IGST / SGST, be it any case the user can opt for mapping the columns with correct values.

To perform the mapping, follow these steps -

  1. First, select the supplier GSTIN , this will enable the “Add to template” option.

  1. Users can either Save the template as a new one, or users can select an existing template (only if users have created and saved any template in the past).

  2. Template will help map the values fetched to appear under the column user wants next time he uses a pdf of the same design.

  3. Assign a name to the template if creating a new one. This template will be stored and visible in list of saved templates.

  4. After selecting a template, click the buttom “Map Table Fields”

  1. On all the columns of line items , users will get a list of values in the dropdown and they can map the column with the required value.

  2. After doing desired mapping, scroll to the bottom of this sidebar and click “Submit”. The required values will be mapped accordingly.

  3. Now, in case the line item data contains extra columns that are irrelevant to the user, in that case the user has to click on the “Column View” button.

  1. Here, de-select those columns which need to be removed from line items data and click the submit button. The unselected columns will be removed.

  2. After the user is done correcting all the data, they have to follow the same process as mentioned in “Creating invoice from OCR”.

Once a user creates a template and saves it, that template gets stored in Configuration

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