Purchase order To Invoice

Create Invoice from Purchase Order

These invoices are created with reference to a Purchase Order submitted by the buyer.

Before proceeding, please note that only the supplier can create an invoice from a PO.

  1. Whenever a PO is submitted by a buyer, the supplier will receive a notification for the PO received and the PO will be shown in the listing of Purchase Order section with the status “New”.

  • Click on the PO number and the PO screen will open.

  • From there, hover on the right side of the 3 dots icon. From there, the user can Accept / reject the Purchase order. If accepted , the same 3 dots icon will show an option to create an invoice. Please note, the option to create an invoice will appear only if the PO has been accepted.

  • After clicking on “Create invoice” , the user will be directed to the invoice screen and all the data of supplier, buyer and line items will be auto filled on the invoice screen.

  • After the user verifies data, he can make changes in the invoice in those fields that are editable that include Discount, Cess % , Quantity. The supplier can also delete line items if needed however new items can not be added.

Now after verifying all the details and amounts, the supplier can submit the invoice and it will be visible to the buyer in the listing.

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