Supplier Onboarding

As a buyer, how do I add a supplier to my business account ?

For adding a supplier, there are two scenarios -

  1. Either the supplier ( on the basis of GSTIN ) is already registered in the AP system and a new buyer is adding them.

  2. Or the supplier is not registered on the AP system

Now in the first case, if a buyer is adding a supplier who exists in the AP system,

then that supplier will directly get added to the buyer account after the buyer submits the details of supplier.

However, in the second case, that supplier would have to be onboarded that is signed up in the AP system with all their business details.

Here is how a buyer can add a supplier -

  1. In a buyer account, go to Configuration and find the option of “Manage Suppliers” and click on it.

  2. Here, click on the “Add” button. A dropdown will open giving the options to either “Add” or “Import” the suppliers. The user can accordingly add the suppliers. Here is how add button works

  3. Click on “Add”, a sidebar will appear asking for supplier’s information. Fill in all the information and click the “Submit” button.

  4. Now, if a supplier with the entered GSTIN already exists in the system, then that supplier will be added in the account of the buyer. If not, the supplier will receive a mail on the mail address entered which contains the link for the onboarding process.

  5. For onboarding here is the hierarchy, the supplier needs to click on the link received in the mail -

  6. On clicking the link, the user will be directed to the sign up screen and some of the information in the fields will be prefilled already.

Check the snapshot below -


  1. After creating the password for the account, the supplier will have to complete the whole process of onboarding and profile wizard that includes adding business information , business units , adding users and after this process completes, this supplier will start to show as an Added supplier to the buyer who invited them. For the onboarding process, please refer to the “profile wizard and onboarding” article.

  2. If the buyer has invited a supplier who has not onboarded, then the buyer can find the information of that supplier by clicking on the 3 dot icon on Manage supplier screen -

The buyer can resend an invitation to the supplier as a reminder, for this, select the suppliers in the checkbox and click on “Resend Invitation”.

Also, the data of the suppliers can be extracted by using the “Export” button.

The buyer can view details of the suppliers added in their account by using the “View” button with an eye icon.

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