Invoice Payment

For raising a payment for an invoice, the ARAP system has a feature of Payment

Receipt that helps a user to upload a receipt and clear the invoice amount either in full or in part.

For raising a payment receipt for an invoice user has to follow these steps -

  1. Go to the invoice module and hover the mouse over to create a new button.

  2. From there, click on Import, a side bar will open. From there, click on “Download sample file” and download the sample file for receipt.

  3. Fill the values and amount in the excel file, again come to the same “Import button” and click on “Choose File”. Select the file from the system.

  4. After selecting the file, hit the submit button. The receipt will be uploaded.

  5. To check the receipt log (history of all imported receipts) , go to the same 3 dot icon in invoice module, a drop down menu will open. Search for the button “Receipt log”. The list of all receipts will be displayed. The user can check if the receipt is “Valid” , “Invalid” or “Duplicate”.

  6. Here, the user can view the log or download the input file using respective buttons if needed.There are a few constraints related to invoice status and payment receipts.

  7. If no PR has been uploaded for an invoice and the invoice has been submitted, then invoice status will show as “In Progress”.

  8. If the user submits a PR of an amount that is equal to or greater than the actual invoice amount then the invoice status will turn to “Paid”.

  9. If the amount of PR is less than the invoice amount then the status will turn to “Partially paid”.

  10. After the receipt has been uploaded and it is valid, it will start showing as a receipt for that invoice. To check receipts for an invoice, the user needs to go to the action buttons in the invoice listing and find the Payment receipt button.

  11. Click on the payment receipt button, a sidebar will open that displays the receipts for that invoice.

This is how users can upload, check and view PR for an invoice.

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