Business Setting

How do I configure my business settings ?

Before moving into the steps for configuring business settings, please note that business settings are a buyer specific feature and suppliers will not have this feature.

The Business settings are divided into 3 sections - PO settings, invoice settings and IMAP (setting up email Inbox for OCR).

For configuring business settings, follow these steps -

All these settings will be off by default and have to be turned on and setup as desired.

Go to the Configuration module and find the “Manage Business Settings” option and click on it.


  1. First are the PO settings. Here the buyer can set constraints on the suppliers according to his choice.

  2. He can restrict some suppliers or enable some suppliers for being able to make changes in the invoice that is created from PO.

  3. These settings will be “OFF” by default, the user can switch them “ON” using the toggle button and then configure them accordingly.

  4. When a setting is turned ON, the buyer can select which suppliers will have those powers that the buyer wants by using “Supplier Matches” option and exclude suppliers from those powers by using “Supplier Not Matches” option from the dropdown of select suppliers.

  5. When either of the option among “Supplier Matches” and “Supplier Not Matches” is selected, then the user has to click on the blue button “Add Supplier”.

  6. A sidebar will open and there, buyer can choose required suppliers.

These selected suppliers will be assigned the powers that the buyer configures in the settings. After selecting the required suppliers, click on “Submit”.


  1. Secondly, there are the invoice settings.

  2. Here, the buyer can allow the option to suppliers to be able to create invoices using Purchase orders raised by him.

  3. Also, Terms and conditions can be fixed using the invoice settings. Once the buyer sets Terms conditions in the box and updates, the entered Terms and Conditions will be auto fetched in invoices instead of writing them every time.


IMAP Settings help the user to set up their invoice inbox for using OCR. This setting will help the user integrate their email accounts on the ARAP system so that the pdfs that they receive in their invoice inbox can be uploaded on OCR..

For setting up these, the user requires to enter their IMAP server, the email id which they want to set up and also its password key. If setting up a google Gmail account, the user would be required to generate the app password key and fill it in the password field.

Once the user has set up the IMAP settings, then that email address will be integrated with the OCR inbox and the user will be able to upload the attachments in their mails on the OCR. For more information on how the inbox works, refer to the article for Inbox to OCR.

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