Create Debit Note

In the ARAP system, the Buyer can raise a Debit note and a supplier can raise both Credit / Debit notes.

Raising a DN -

  1. User has to find that invoice for which the debit note is to be raised. Find the required invoice in listing and click on its number.

  1. Click on the invoice number and enter the invoice details.

  2. Click the button “Debit notes”, or go to the invoice listing and find the required invoice. There on the extreme right, find the button that reads credit debit note

  3. Click on the button, a side bar will open from right.

  4. Here the user can see the CDNs raised for that invoice. Also, for creating a DN click on the blue button “Create Debit note”

  5. Another side bar will open which will be identical to the create invoice screen and majority of the data will be locked and non editable to ensure that the DN is raised between the actual parties, the user can only edit / delete the line item.

  6. Once the user is done with the changes, they can save the note as draft or submit it and that note will get added in the listing.

Some points user has to keep in mind for raising DN -

  1. The user can raise DNs as long as the amounts of those DNs add up to the total amount of the original invoice. Eg : The main invoice is suppose of Rs 100 amount. The user can raise DNs till the sum of these notes in less than or equal to 100. Once the sum of the DNs reach 100 the user cant raise any further DNs.

  2. The quantity of line items can not be debited beyond original quantity. Eg: If main invoice has a line item of qty 10, then in all the DNs raised, this qty cant exceed in 10 be it in one DN or total of multiple DNs.

  3. The DN being created can not exceed the amount of original invoice.

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