Invoice from OCR

To Create an invoice Via OCR -

  1. Go to the invoice module from the side bar.

  2. Hover the mouse on “Create new” , in the dropdown click on “Invoice from OCR”. The user will land on the “create invoice” page.

  1. A side bar will open from the right asking the user to upload the invoice pdf / image.

  1. Click on “Choose File” , select the pdf or image that required to import and Click submit.

  2. After submitting the file, OCR screen will appear and the data extraction Process will start to process data from invoice pdf / image in 10 - 25 seconds, data will be extracted.

  3. Once the processing completes, the data will be extracted in the fields.

  1. Next, once the data has been processed, the user must cross check and verify if the data is correct or not. If not then the user can edit that data, like selecting Buyer / supplier GSTIN, entering the Invoice number , date and due date , etc.

  2. Also , the line items data will also be extracted and the user must check the data before proceeding further.

To create Invoice

  1. Once user verifies the data, scroll to the bottom and click on “Create invoice” / “Save as draft”. User will land on the create invoice screen with all the data of buyer / supplier / line items (that have been extracted). If needed the user can do some changes if needed, or they can submit the invoice or save it as draft.

  2. After submitting it or saving it as draft, it will be visible in the invoice listing.

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