Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow is a feature that is developed to have a proper and stable hierarchy / workflow for business for inspecting and approving or rejecting invoices. The approval workflow brings complete transparency for the users and allows them to assign powers to the users to accept or reject invoices based on conditions. The users will be able to view invoices that match the approval criteria assigned to them in the workflow.

Here is how a user can setup approval workflow for their accounts. Before proceeding please note that Approval Workflow is a buyer sided feature.

  1. Go to the configuration module and find the approval workflow tab.

  2. Click the “Approval Workflow” tab. Enter the workflow name.

  3. After naming the workflow, click on “Create New Step”. The workflow name can also be edited if wanted by clicking on the yellow edit icon.

  4. Please note that Approvers are basically users of that business account. So users must ensure that the approvers they want to create should have user accounts in that business. After that, click on “+Add an Approver”.

  5. A list will pop up containing names of all the users of that account. Click on the desired user.

  6. Click on “Approver Condition”. Users must select “Any” if they want any user of that step to be able to approve the invoice and “All” if user wants that every approver should individually approve the invoice to proceed.

  7. Set up the required conditions for approval. Click on the Square button with Grid like icon next to “Add an approver” button. A side bar will open. Scroll to the right and find the “Add a field” button. From the list of conditions set up the condition as desired.

  8. This condition will ensure that the selected user will only be able to view those invoices that match the approver conditions assigned to them. If an invoice does not match with the approved condition, then that invoice won't be visible to that user.

  9. After the required steps have been made and respective users have been assigned, the workflow will be activated and from then invoices will be visible to only selected users.

  10. If a business account does not have any workflow, in that case anyone and everyone will be able to approve / reject invoices. So it's recommended that the users create workflows for their accounts.

  11. Now, when a user receives the invoice for inspection with “in Progress” status, the user has to open the invoice and go to the “Change Status” button.

  12. Click on Approve / Reject . The status of the invoice will change to Approved / Rejected.

  13. The user can view all the invoices with status in the invoice listing.

Please note that added users and steps can be edited as well as deleted anytime.

Some points to remember when changing the status of invoice for the users -

  1. Once an invoice is approved / rejected then its status cant be reverted back to original.

  2. When a partial amount is paid using PR , status will change to “Partially Paid” and if full amount is paid the status will change to “PAID”.

  3. If an invoice is Rejected at any step, then it wont proceed to the next approvers in the workflow.

  4. The invoice will be visible to only that user who is supposed to accept / reject in the next step.

  5. If payment has been made either full or partial, then the users wont be able to reject the invoice.

  6. When the last user accepts the invoice, then the invoice will be APPROVED COMPLETELY.

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