GRN (Goods Received Note) is created by the buyer when the goods sent from the supplier are received. It serves as a proof document for comparing the goods ordered and goods received.

The feature of GRN is only for buyers, for creating a GRN follow these steps -

  1. Go to the GRN module

  2. Hover the mouse over the “Create New” button and from the dropdown click on “Import”.

  3. A sidebar will open from the right, click on choose file. A window will open showing the system files. Click on the desired file.

  4. Now select the template , the user can either create a new template by clicking “New Template”, perform the mapping and press submit.

Here is how user can map the columns in case of new template -

  1. After submitting file, a side bar of GRN logs will open showing the submitted GRN file in the form of a job with the status ( Completed / processing ) , if it shows processing try hitting the “Refresh” button.

  2. From this screen the user can view the GRN or download the “Input file” from action buttons. If the GRN is invalid, the user needs to rectify the mistakes in GRN file. In order to check the errors, click on View.

  3. A sidebar will open having the option to view GRN Log, this contains the information in the JSON where the user can check and rectify the error and try re-uploading the excel file.

  4. If the imported file is correct, then it will show under the “Valid” bucket. If the GRN is valid however the GRN number is repeating, then it will show under “duplicate bucket”.

  5. Now after the user has imported the GRN and its valid, then that GRN will get added in the main listing page with a status “New” and can be opened by clicking on GRN number just like in invoice.

  6. The user can also download PDF print for the GRN from the download button in the action column of GRN listing.

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