Create Invoice Without PO

To Create an invoice manually or Create a non PO Invoice

  1. Go to the invoice module from the side bar.

  2. Hover the mouse on “Create new” , in the dropdown click on “Invoice”. User will land on the “create invoice” page.

Fill all the details -

  1. Invoice number (mandatory)

  2. Invoice date (mandatory)

  3. Due date, Delivery date (mandatory)

  4. Payment terms (mandatory)

  5. Invoice Type (mandatory)

  6. Department (non mandatory)

  7. Supplier Business unit and Address (mandatory)

  8. Terms and conditions (non mandatory)

  1. In case users want to add other details like Purchaser name, Incoterms, PO number, transport details, bank accounts, etc, click on the “+Add Other Fields” button. In the side bar that opens, click on the “Select Field” bar and from the dropdown, select all the fields required.

  2. Post adding all the required fields, next thing is line items. First select the supplier business unit in the “Supplier Business unit”. This will enable the “Add

To Add Line items” click on button.

  1. Now click on the “Add line items” button. In the side bar that opens, fill all the mandatory fields for the line items. However, the non mandatory fields are up to the user, user can fill them if applicable. Please note, users can add only those line items that are created in the “Item Master” of that supplier whose business unit user has selected.

  2. Also, the user can add a new line item by clicking on the “+add new item” button in the dropdown field or they can use an item that is saved in the item master.

  1. After selecting or creating a new item , fill the fields -

  2. Discount amount or percentage (non mandatory)

  3. Cess, state and non advol cess (non mandatory)

Once the user clicks submit, the Line items will be added to the invoice with a clear representation of taxes and its gross amount. Following the same steps, user can add more line items if needed.

  1. If user wants to add other charges like Freight, TDS, TCS and insurance or if the user are offering some discount on the invoice value, user can go

Add other fields -> Select field -> Other charges -> Fill required charges -> Submit.

  1. Once user have added all the required line items and data in the fields, click on-

  2. “Save as draft” if the user want to keep the invoice in draft for editing later

  3. “Submit invoice” if the user is sure that the invoice is correct and they want to submit it to the other party. Please note that once the user submits an invoice it won’t be editable further.

  4. Download PDF - after an invoice has been submitted, the user can download the invoice print PDF.

  5. Once the invoice has been saved as draft or submitted, it will be visible in the invoice listing of that business unit.

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