Schedule FTP

How do I Schedule the FTP/SFTP Job?

1. When user clicks on “Schedule Job” icon then it will redirect on the “Schedule Job List” Page.

2. If any job is already scheduled then it will show in the listing, Otherwise can schedule a new job by clicking on “+Add” button.

3. After Clicking on +Add button, Fill the Details :-

A. in case Sync Type “Inward” following are the parameters -

a. Job Name (mandatory)

b. Frequency (mandatory)

c. Job Run Date & Time (mandatory)

d. Document Type(Purchase Order/Invoice Receipt) (mandatory)

e. Read Folder (mandatory)

f. Temp Folder (non mandatory)

g. Archive Folder (mandatory)

h. Error File Folder (non mandatory)

i. Inner Folder (non mandatory)

j. File Type (mandatory)

k. Download Link Pdf (non mandatory)

B. in case Sync Type “Outward”

a. Job Name (mandatory)

b. Frequency (mandatory)

c. Job Run Date & Time (mandatory)

d. Document Type(Purchase Order/Invoice Receipt) (mandatory)

e. Outward Folder (mandatory)

f. Temp Folder (non mandatory)

4. After adding relevant fields and clicking on Submit button a Job will added/scheduled and show on Listing page, with information as Job name, Frequency, Start Date and time, Document Type, Job Run Date & Time, Log view and Action

5. Under “Action” there are below options/icons will Visible

a. Active/De-active :- User can active/de-active the particular Scheduled job.

b. Edit :- User can Edit and Update details of the particular Scheduled job.

c. Delete :- User can delete any Scheduled job.

There is a “Refresh” Button also available for refreshing the page and no need to use the refresh icon of the browser window for knowing whether the job is run or not.

6. Log View :-

a. Clicking on “Log View” Icon

b. “Log View” list will open

c. On this page, All executed job list with Date and Time will show as per added/saved frequency for a particular job.

d There “Refresh” Button also available for showing last or latest processed job in list.

e There is a view option for “Specific Log View”,On clicking this option specific lof view page will show.

7. Specific Log View :-

On this page detailed information of the process will show for that particular executed job with date and time. There will be step by step processing of execution of job with date and time as when job initiated,when job started and further process till the end.User can verify the specific log in both cases if job stuck or failed due to any reason and in case job completed successfully.

There “Refresh” Button also available for showing last processed steps in list.For an example, for the first time only two steps of process showing in list and processing start at backend as it will complete at backend and we click on Refresh button the further processed steps will update and show in list.

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