Add Business Units

How can I add a business unit if required ?

There can be situations where the Admin of an account may have to add different business units of their business organization.

Here is a step by step process to add a business unit in an account -

  1. Go to the configuration module, the first option is “Manage Business”.

  2. The list of business units will open, the user will have the option to “Add” and “Import” the new business units required to be added. The user can also “Export” the data of business units if needed.

  3. To add business units, go on the “+Add” and a drop down menu will open, user can either “Add” if they want to add a single business unit and “Import” if they want to add multiple units in less time.

  4. For “Add” option

Here is the screen for adding a Business unit, the user needs to fill all the fields that are mandatory and at least 1 address for a Business unit.

  1. Once all details are completed, the user has to click submit and the business unit will be saved and will be visible in the listing.

  2. Now, this added business unit can be easily accessed from the top bar dropdown in the PO and invoice screens.

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