Import Tally Data

This will demonstrate how a user can import their sales / purchase data from their Tally ERP.

1. Log in to the GST Enterprise Portal -

Login to the GST Enterprise software using a valid 'User ID' and 'Password', enter the valid credentials and then click on the “Sign In” tab.

You can make the system auto-fill your credentials the next time you sign in by clicking on “Remember Me”.

2. Navigating to the Data Import Module -

The users need to go to the "Data Import" Module, where they can see the "Import from Tally" button. When the button is clicked, the user would be directed "Tally connector" screen.

They can also go to the "Configuration" section in the sidebar and click on the Tally connector tile.

Users will reach the Tally connector tool page in the Configuration module, where they can find the link to download the Tally connector tool.

3. Installing the connector tool.

3a. If the Tally ERP of the customer is the offline version

i. Install the "setup.exe" file in your system, by double-clicking on it and granting the required permissions to it.

ii. Once installed, the app will run and open on your screen automatically.

iii. Login into the connector tool, using your Login credentials, which were created while logging in to the Masters India GST portal. (Note: Keep your Tally ERP window open in the background.)

v. Once logged in, the screen below will be displayed. If the ERP running in background is connected with the tool, then status would be shown as connected in the bottom.

If the ERP is not connected, then restart the connector again with the ERP running in the background.

vi. Once the ERP is connected, click on the "Business" tab in the left column in the tool.

vii. Click on the "Add Business" Tab to choose the business from which the data would be synchronised. Choose your business and click on add. Submit the business infor

viii. Once the business is added, the synchronisation will be started and the data from the Tally ERP will be imported into your Masters India account.

3b. If the Tally ERP of the customer is the Cloud version

The download and installation of the Tally connector tool must be done in the Admin Virtual Machine.

The remaining steps are the same as that of the offline version.

4. Sync your data as per your preferred frequency

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