Form GST ITC-04 is a declaration form to be furnished by registered persons (principals), showing the details of inputs or capital goods dispatched to or received from a job worker in an applicable tax period.

Customers/Current users can file ITC-04 from the MI portal to claim ITC for the goods dispatched or received from their job workers.

User Journey:

  1. GST Enterprise > GST Return > ITC - 04

  1. Choose the filing month and whether you want to file the return annually or half-yearly.

  1. Import data

Users can import data using the sample file provided per the government offline sample utility sheet.

  1. The data would be fetched, and the summary form would be prepared according to the sections and fields that are given as per the govt portal.

  1. Users can view and edit their prepared form at their convenience.

  1. The user will move ahead to the upload section.

There they could check their pending upload and upload to the government portal from here.

  1. After uploading, users can check their upload activities from the upload history section.

  1. After uploading and confirming all the details of the ITC-04 form, the user can file their ITC return from the ‘File Return’ tab by EVC or DSC.

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