Manage Users

This is how a user can add internal users to work on their business account.

Adding a User -

In the Configuration module, go to second tab "Manage Users".

Hover mouse on the add button. Two options will appear : Add , Import.

If a single user has to be added, click on "+Add". A sidebar will open, fill all the required details. Click the submit button. The user will created with "invited" tag. Also, a mail will be sent with the login credentials of the user using which user can log in to the account.

Users can be assigned a specific role, businesses as well as their warehouses. When this user logs in, they will be able to see only that quantity of data that they were assigned when invited.

Creating Roles for Users -

Go to the second tab "Roles". User will find three system defined roles namely "Admin" , "Advance" and "Basic". These are pre configured roles and hence cannot be altered. However, users can create custom roles as per their requirement. For this, click on "+Add".

A side bar will open, fill the Role name, description (if required) and tick mark all the permissions to be created under this role and click "Submit". This role will be created and be visible in the roles list as well as when inviting a user.

Creating Groups for Users -

Go to the third tab "Groups". Click on "+Add". A sidebar will open, fill all the required details and click "Submit". Group will be created and be visible in the groups list and also can be assigned to a user at the time of inviting.

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