Comparison Reports

Comparison Reports are used for comparing different types of report such as GSTR3B vs Sales Book,GSTR3B vs Purchase,GSTR3B vs GSTR1 from API etc.

Apart from different reports it also has a Reconciliation Report for each report type where in we can compare two reports.

1: Firstly go to the Comparison Reports sub-module after clicking on the reports module and click on View Reports button.

2: We land up in the Comparison Reports Page wherein there are 2 tabs Compare and View and Download Report tab.In Configure & View Tab we can view different Reports and in Download Report Tab we can see different jobs and can download the report in excel after clicking on the download link.

To View the report user first have to select the business,Month & year and Report type and then click on Generate Report button.

After clicking on the Generate Report button the reports will be generated and the user can view the individual report as well as the Reconciliation Report.

In case the user wants to view these details in the excel sheet he needs to click on Export button on the top right corner.

A job will be created which will first be in processing stage and then later on completed.

To View the Report in excel sheet click on the download link at the end of a job.

The Comparison Report in the excel would look like this.

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