E-invoices data from MI EDoc

Users can import the generated and active e-invoices from the MI EDoc portal to the MI GST portal as the sales register and then they proceed to file their GSTR-1 with calculated summaries.

Steps to import E-invoices on the MI GST Portal

Step 1: Go to the import settings.

There are two ways to reach the configuration page.

Way 1: Go to the "Data Import" section. Click on the "Import button" and then click on "Import E-invoice from Masters India EDoc" under the Sales tab.

Way 2: Go to the "Configuration" Section and select "Manage E-invoice Import Settings" Tile

Step 2: Configure the import

Once you reach the setting tile, the user needs to set the import settings as per their requirements.

1) Starting date: The date from which the E-invoices generated would be scheduled to import.

2) Sync Time: Time scheduled, when the import cron would run and the API would be hit.

3) Time Slot: The Sync Interval, which should be the regularity of time slots for hitting the API to import. (Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

4) Business to import: GSTINs'/Businesses' E-invoice data to be imported.

Once these settings are filled in, the user needs to click on the "Update Settings" button, and the import will be scheduled and run accordingly.

These E-invoices would be imported as Sales register in the MI GST Software database.

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