In Reports Module user can do a variety of things:

User can use the GST Reports Module for fetching the data from the government portal for different return types such as gstr-1,gstr2A etc.After fetching the data he/she can view the data from the View Reports section,and in case he wants to download the fetched data in excel and view in excel he can do that by click on the download link on Download Reports section.

If user wants to compare between different reports GSTR-3B vs Sales,GSTR-3B vs Purchase he can navigate to the Comparison reports module.

If user wants to know the preference for any business unit or want to set the preference of any business unit then Filing Preference Report is the best option.

If user wants to know whether any interest,late fees,penalty and other charges are applicable for any gstin Ledger report is the best place where he can go.

If user wants to see whether he/she has filed the return and whether the return filed is valid or not then GSTIN Filing report is the best place for the user to go.

To know the details of any business user can navigate to Search gstin Report and can enter the gstin whose details he/she wants to fetch or either he can import the sheet with multiple gstin's whose details he wants to fetch.

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