Search GSTIN Report

To know details of any gstin such as legal name of the business,state jurisdiction of business,taxpayer type etc we need search gstin Report.

To search any gstin first sign in to the mastersindia portal.

Then navigate to the Reports section by clicking on the reports module.

Then navigate to search gstin Report and under it click on View Reports.

We can view the business details for single GSTIN, single PAN and for multi-GSTINs and multiple PANs also. For a single business, just enter the GSTIN or PAN (as required) in the search box and click on the search button. The business details will come on the page.

The business details will come in such a way:

For multiple GSTINs or PANs, enter the GSTINs/PANs in the sheet provided and import them. After importing, a job will be formed, and once completed, we can download the sheet and view multiple GSTINs/PANs details in the Excel sheet.

To import the data click on the data import tab and import the sheet with the GSTINs/PANs:

Download the sample sheet to view the things that need to be entered and enter the details

After choosing the file click on submit button.

A job will be created which will first be pending and then later on completed.

After clicking on the download link an Excel will be downloaded which will have GSTINs/PANs details like this.

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