This will demonstrate how a user can file their GSTR-9 through GST solution.

What is GSTR-9 ?

GSTR 9 is an annual return that is to be filed yearly by taxpayers that are registered under GST.

  • It comprises of different details regarding the outward and inward supplies made during the relevant FY under different tax heads i.e. CGST, SGST & IGST and HSN / SAC codes.

  • Essentially, GSTR-9 is consolidation of total monthly/quarterly returns including (GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B) filed by the user in that year. This return also helps in extensive reconciliation of complete data thus ensuring 100% transparent disclosures.

GSTR-9 details are only available in March Return Period of all the respective Financial years.

Steps to File GSTR-9 from GST solution -

  1. Login to the GST Enterprise Portal -

Login to the GST Enterprise software using valid 'User ID' and 'Password', enter valid then click on “Sign In” tab.

You can make the system auto fill your credentials next time you sign in by clicking on “Remember Me”.

Go to the GST Returns module and there, click on GSTR-9 Tile -

Fetching GSTR-9 Data from Govt Portal -

The below page will open, user can get a brief summary on this page. For complete details, click on the "Auto-Populate” button as shown below. This will fill data in the tables after fetching from Govt. Portal. If user wants , they can download the data in an excel sheet by clicking on "Download Excel" and a excel file containing the data will be downloaded.

There are a few other tables as well in which user has to seperately auto-populate the data by clicking "Get Data" and that data will be filled in the table.

Preparing GSTR-9 Data -

Now that the data is fetched from govt portal, client can prepare the data by making any changes (if any) by editing the tables using the local edit buttons.

In case after autopopulating, still if data is not showing on prepare screen then user can click on "Refresh From GST Portal" and this will act as a global button and fill data in all the tables on prepare screen.

After the data is ready to be uploaded to govt portal, the client has to click on the "Upload button".

If user wants the data of GSTR-9 in a PDF file, the same can be done by clicking on the "Download GSTR-9 Data" button located at third position from left.

Once the data has been uploaded, its history and details can be tracked in the "Upload History" section. Click on the last button "Upload History". A sidebar will open containing all details of the uploaded data and the user ID who uploaded it.

Filing and submitting GSTR-9 -

Now that the user has uploaded the data they wanted, they can file and submit their Returns by going to the "File GSTR-9" Section. Click on the button "File GSTR-9 with EVC" and data will be submitted and frozen.

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