Manage Business

In this module, user can setup the Business units and addresses of their organization.

1. Login to the GST Enterprise Portal -

Login to the GST Enterprise software using valid 'User ID' and 'Password', enter valid then click on “Sign In” tab.

You can make the system auto fill your credentials next time you sign in by clicking on “Remember Me”.

Go to the Configurations Module -

Hover the mouse on the action button. User can create business units using two ways -

  1. Adding a business unit manually

  2. Importing business unit data in a excel sheet

To manually add a business unit, click on "+Add". A side bar will open, fill the mandatory details and non mandatory details (if applicable). Click Submit, the business unit will be created.

When details are filled, "+Add Warehouse" button will be activated. Click to Add a warehouse. A sidebar will open, fill the details and click submit, the warehouse will be created.

The business will be created and visible in the listing. From there, user can edit the business details, refresh the GSTIN status of the business and delete the business as well. User can also check the OTP status of the business. If not verified, user can click on OTP status and an OTP will be sent, which will verify the OTP status and user will be able to perform activities like "Get data" , "Upload Data" , "File Returns", etc.

To ensure, that a business unit stays OTP verified , turn the switch ON for the "OTP Automation".

Also, the data of the Business units can be exported using the Export button to download all data in excel form.

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