Supplier Master

This is how a user can add suppliers in their business account.

In the configuration module, click on "Manage Suppliers". Suppliers can be added in two ways. Either adding one by one manually or by importing multiple suppliers using data maintained in a excel sheet.

Adding supplier manually -

Hover the mouse over Add button , click on "+Add" button.

A sidebar will open, fill all the supplier details applicable and ensure all mandatory fields are filled. Click on submit and the supplier will be created and added to the listing of suppliers.

Importing suppliers data -

Maintain all the data (with valid details). Hover mouse on the Add button and click on Import. A sidebar will open, click on "Choose File" and select the file and click "Submit". The data that is valid will be imported and start showing in the listing. Invalid data however wont be imported and an error file will be downloaded where error in the data will be shown to the user. User can rectify the problems and reimport the data. The TRUE status means supplier was imported, FALSE means there is error in data and that data is not imported.

To export suppliers data in a sheet, user can click on Export button. If no supplier is selected, it will download the complete data in list. Otherwise user can tick the required data using checkbox and then export it. Similarly, if user wants to delete suppliers, in case of one by one deletion, it can be done using the Red Delete button and if multiple suppliers are to be deleted , that can be done after selecting the suppliers to be deleted then clicking on the "Delete" button on top of table.

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