Here, user can configure their FTPs to sync data with FTP or import data.

In the configuration module, click on click on "Manage FTP/SFTP Settings", The screen will route to the Manage FTP/SFTP tab.

The below screen will appear. If will click on Add button, The manual details can be filled in.

After filling in the manual details the user can click on Submit button to create a new FTP/SFTP.

After creating the new FTP, it will be added to the Ftp/Sftp list. On the right side, the actions column will show the 3 options - Schedule Job, Edit Ftp, and Delete Ftp. Through these options, they can perform different actions accordingly.

Click on schedule Job, the two buttons will display - Add and Refresh.

Click on Add button and fill in the mandatory details which will help the user to schedule a new FTP job. Click on submit button after filling in all the details.

The new job will be created and shown in the Schedule job list.

The user can perform different actions under this job list - Enable/disable, Edit, and delete.

Go back to the main screen - Manage Ftp Settings, can edit the Ftp as well. Click on the edit(center button), and edit the required fields that the user wants. At last click on submit button to save the changes.

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