Download Reports

This will demonstrate how user can export (download) the imported data -

In case, user wants to download the data that they have imported in the system , they can do it using the export button in the View data section.

User can download complete data by directly clicking on "Export" or download selected data by -

  1. Selecting invoices using checkboxes and clicking export. This will download only ticked invoices.

  2. Apply filters as per requirement on Invoice type, Return period and Business units.

Now, this data will be downloaded in an excel that user can download in a single click. For this, user has to go to the third tab (Download Data).

When data is exported, a job will be created in the Download data section.

User will be able to see the GSTIN in which job was executed, the invoice type downloaded, the user who downloaded it, time when the export job was created, status of the job and actions.

Till a job is in pending stage, user can refresh the browser and after some time the status will change to completed. User can download the data using download button in one click. An excel file containing data of the invoices will be downloaded.

Also, user can delete the job if needed using delete button.

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