View Data

This will demonstrate what actions a user can take on the imported data -

If the imported GSTR-1 / GSTR-2 data is valid , it will start displaying in the view Section of Data import.

From there user can either delete the unwanted invoices, edit the data in invoices, filter the data or download the data.

Data can be filtered on basis of the business units, the return periods (both yearly and monthly) and the invoice type.

If user wants to make some changes in these invoices then that can be done using the edit icon.

Changes can be made in the invoice details like Invoice number, date, place of supply, etc and line item wise details like HSN, Item desc. , Quantity, etc.

If user wants to delete unwanted invoices then that can be done in 3 ways-

  1. Single delete button , that deletes an individual invoice.

  2. Multi-delete button , that deletes selected invoices, this button will be disabled by default and will be activated when user selects invoices. When selected, user has to click on delete and these invoices will be deleted.

  3. Delete all, this button deletes the complete data of that month in one click.

User can also Lock their invoices. Locking is a feature which prohibits user from deleting or editing the locked invoice. Using this feature, every user who has permission to lock the invoices can lock them and avoid any changes by the users that don't have permission to lock / unlock.

Locked invoices can be unlocked as well. Then they will return to their previous state where they can be edited and deleted.

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