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Outward Eway-Bill vs GSTR-1

Matching Between Outward E-way Bill and GSTR-1 to make Outward E-way Bill more accurate.
Steps1: Login to Enterprise with valid credentials then click Sign In
Step2: After Sign-In - 'Dashboard' will appear - click – 'GST Reconciliation' tab on left
Step 3: Click on Outward E-way Bill vs GSTR-1 ‘View Reconcile’ tab
Step 4: Click on Configure New
Step 5: Add mandatory details such as Return period, businesses,date and time and click on Save.
Note-User can select Business PAN wise and individual GSTIN wise also
After Configuring Recon Job, User can Edit / View/ Delete respective Recon job as well
Click on Execute button to start Recon Job
Step 7: User can navigate to different buckets present i document view tab to view data .
Step 8: User can take actions such as Accept/Delink/ Reject on invoices as per their requirements
Step 9- User can compare mismatch data through eye icon present in the invoices
Step 10: User can download Consolidated Report.
**There is feature provided to download Vendor wise consolidated report